• Financing
  • Venture capital
  • Public or private equity investments
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Restructurings
  • Litigation or alternative dispute resolutions


  • Fluid monitoring systems manufacturers
    Dealing with the negotiation and the drafting of corporate documentation in relation to a multimillion EUR investment by a Venture Capitalist into a Belgian branch of a US company. This investment has been made by means of a capital increase as well as via several issuances of convertible bonds.
  • Cement Company
    Assisting the Belgian subsidiary of a cement company in the acquisition process of two cement plants located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and formerly held by the a Belgian industrial group. The transaction involved due diligence procedures and negotiation of SPAs and side agreements performed both in Belgium and in DRC.
  • Textile distribution company
    Audit, opinions, agreements and notification to the Belgian Competition Council with respect to the purchase of a company (retail) by our client represented in more than 78 countries, with more than 5.400 stores located worldwide. The turnover of the Belgian affiliates of the group is of approximately 200.000.000 EUR.
  • Electricity company
    Assisting in the drafting of settlement agreements, SPA’s , winding-up of the special purpose vehicles, due diligence procedures, joint venture negotiations, M&A, incorporation of a company, setting up of a subsidiary, shareholder agreements, etc.
  • Chemical products company
    Managing the transfer of assets by which the Swedish company acquired a chemical plant located in Belgium. After the performance of a full due diligence, coordinating the successful closing of the deal which included also real estate, environmental and commercial matters.
  • Food company
    Negotiating a franchisees’ buy-back transaction (repurchasing the shares of different companies) including defusing a potential post-transfer conflict.
  • Automotive distribution company
    Assisting client to complete a merger between two main players in the automotive distribution sector in Africa.
  •  Video company
    Assisting a French video company in the transformation of its corporate structure in Belgium.
  • Eyewear company
    Assisting a French leading eyewear company relating to the purchase of its subsidiary in Belgium and the reorganization of its agency structure in the Benelux. These transaction involved the negotiation and drafting of several corporate, real estate and commercial agreements.
  • Swiss insurance company
    Advising a Swiss insurance company in the selling and closing of its operations in Belgium to a UK and a Spanish company.
    These separate transactions involved corporate SPA’s and APA’s agreements and other commercial and real estate agreements as well as a complex redundancy plan. Tax and competition assessments have also been required for the safety of these operations.

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